XEVO® 3.8 (Advanced)

An advanced free form progressive lens offering better quality of vision and wider visual fields for any distance

This design represents the most accurate combination of quality and comfort. Developed to be effective at any distance, its power distribution offers clarity of vision at all distances and generous visual fields. Wearers have the freedom to see in any gaze direction. High definition vision due to an extraordinary optic architecture that improves peripheral vision.

Engineered as an all-purpose progressive lens

Ideal solution for wearers who want larger visual fields at any distance. These patients are characterized by asking for a comfortable lens and excellent vision of objects located at any distance.

Point by Point Calculation

XEVO® 3.8 is a digital progressive lens calculated by the most advanced algorithms. The back surface of lens is optimized point by point for each particular patient to offer superior vision.

Compensated progressive lens design

Every lens is compensated for each base curve, material, and pupil height. This compensation uses average frame measurements which allows the lens to be optimized for any standard frames. As a result, wearers see an improved visual experience without having to take any extra measurement.

Digital lens

Digital Lens

Digital Ray Path

Digital Ray-Path®

Balanced design

Balanced Near & Far

Multiple corridor

Multiple Corridor

Short corridor available

Short Corridor Available

Variable inset

Variable Inset

Design Performance

XEVO 3.8 (Advanced) - Design Performance

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