XEVO® Mobile (Premium)

Fully personalized progressive lens for electronic device users

XEVO® Mobile is a progressive lens specifically designed for those who frequently use electronic devices such as cell phones, tablets, or smartwatches. Its layout provides wide visual fields for both near and distance vision, along with a soft, comfortable transition to the reading zone. XEVO® Mobile incorporates Smart Add, the technology that improves the patient’s visual experience when using digital devices. This technology assists with changes in focus at different working distances in a more agile and accurate way when the patient is working or reading simultaneously with different screens.

Short corridor allows quick transition to near vision

Our constant use of smartphones and tablets has led to a greater need for switching between near and distance vision. Keeping the same corridor length, XEVO® Mobile’s unique progression profile offers a more comfortable transition from the distance zone to the reading zone.

Progression Profile

XEVO Mobile (Premium) - Progression Profile

Smooth progression profile for greater comfort

The transition between distance and near vision is very smooth. Thanks to its unique layout, the XEVO® Mobile lens offers a wide and comfortable reading zone.

Digital lens

Digital Lens

Fully personalized


Digital Ray Path

Digital Ray-Path®

Smart Add

Smart Add

Multiple corridor

Multiple Corridor

Short corridor available

Short Corridor Available

Variable inset

Variable Inset

Wrap available

Wrap Available

Cylinder Power Map

XEVO Mobile (Premium) - Power Map

Design Performance

XEVO Mobile (Premium) - Design Performance

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