XEVO® 4.0 (Advanced)

Personalized Progressive Lens With Panoramic Clarity In The Distance Zone

Progressive lens de¬sign optimized for far vision. It offers a panoramic far visual field with freedom for lateral movements of the eyes. At both sides of the pupil position we find wide and clear visual zones that improve the outdoor visual experience. Wearers will also take advantage of a stable near visual area allowing all activities at this distance.

Designed with a strong emphasis on far vision

The XEVO® 4.0 is made especially for wearers who require uncompromised far vision. This wearer seeks comfort and a perfect view of remote surroundings.

Personalization for easy adaptation and visual comfort

Each lens is individually produced taking into consideration the unique parameters of the face and frame combination. Personalization is especially important for sport frames to reduce the aberrations induced by the tilt position and curvature of the lens.

Personalization parameters

For 100% personalization it is essential to include all personalization parameters unique of each wearer to the prescription data. For Jobs without personalization parameters data the lens will be optimized by default values.

Digital lens

Digital Lens

Fully personalized


Digital Ray Path

Digital Ray-Path®

Enhanced Far

Enhanced Far

Multiple corridor

Multiple Corridor

Short corridor available

Short Corridor Available

Variable inset

Variable Inset

Wrap available

Wrap Available

Cylinder Power Map

XEVO 4.0 (Advanced) - Design Performance

Design Performance

XEVO 4.0 (Advanced) - Design Performance

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