XEVO® Mid/Near

An occupational lens that enhances intermediate and near vision

XEVO® Mid/Near is an occupational lens for intermediate and near distances that really brings visual comfort to the wearer. The step between fields is more dynamic offering greater agility to change focus in different distances, especially when working with digital displays.

Smart Add technology allows the eyes to be relaxed when viewing screen displays

XEVO® Mid/Near incorporates Smart Add, the technology that improves the patient’s visual experience when using digital devices. This technology assists with changes in focus at different working distances in a more agile and accurate way when the patient is working or reading simultaneously with different screens.

More relaxed eyes at the end of the day

Single vision lenses lack near and intermediate zones and progressive lenses have a reduced intermediate zone. Neither solution is favored by presbyopes because visual comfort may be compromised and it takes a huge effort to focus.

Now with XEVO® Mid/Near, presbyopes can work comfortably. The near and intermediate vision regions cover the entire surface of the lens, ensuring wider optimized areas. In addition, the soft design guarantees easy adaptation and unbeatable comfort.

4 vision ranges to address the user's needs

XEVO® Mid/Near offers 4 vision ranges to cover all of the patient’s needs. Ask your patient what working distance is needed to focus comfortably so you can prescribe one of the 4 options.

  • XEVO® Mid/Near 1.3m – Clear vision up to 1.3m
  • XEVO® Mid/Near 2m – Clear vision up to 2m
  • XEVO® Mid/Near 4m – Clear vision up to 4m
  • XEVO® Mid/Near 6m – Clear vision up to 6m
Smart Add

Smart Add

Near vision enhanced

Near vision enhanced

Enhanced for computers

Enhanced for computers

Not for driving

Not for driving

Design Performance

XEVO Mid/Near - Design Performance

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